Easy Keyboard Lesson For Beginners

Samantha Griffiths - A.S.A.PianoAre you passionate about music and dream about how you would like to play keyboard one day?

Do you sit and listen to keyboard players and musicians and imagine being able to do the same?

Have you noticed the smile that music puts on people’s faces. It can create happiness, and everybody feels great after listening and dancing to uplifting music.

Then how would you like to be able to play that very same music? Well you can do it!

Everybody has to start somewhere, and it may seem daunting at first to figure out how to approach learning the keyboard, but once you get into the swing of things you will be absolutely fine and wonder to yourself why you didn’t start it years ago!

Keyboard can bring so much into your life, and having the opportunity to actually play your own instrument is a great thing to do. It is exciting, fun, and there is always a new challenge around the corner.

It can open up endless opportunities for you, is a great hobby, and profession if you decided to pursue music as a career.

It is a great stress reliever and is so nice to sit at the keyboard playing your favorite songs and singing along.

Equally it’s nice to have new challenges and this is something that playing keyboard can bring as there is always something new to learn and for you to channel your energy.
30 Knockout Piano & Keyboard Songs For Complete Beginners

After practicing even for short periods you will be amazed by how great you feel afterwards and the buzz you get from playing your own music!

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To make the most out of your practice sessions, always remember the following each time you go to your keyboard: -

  • Make sure your posture is correct and ensure you chair is the right height for you. Your arms aren’t too far away but equally not too close. You need to sit at ninety degrees. Keep your shoulders and wrists relaxed at all times.
  • Make sure you warm up with some scales and that your fingers are curled. Imagine you are picking up a tennis ball or a drink as this is the position your hands need to be when placed on the keyboard.
  • Set out a daily practice plan and stick to this. Then at weekends when you have more time spend a morning of covering all your favorite pieces and scales.

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It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour song repertoire on piano or keyboard.

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